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We provide Florida with Fireworks Display, our Low-level 1.4 Pyrotechnics Displays and Low level Fireworks in Tamps Florida and the southeastern USA, that fits that niche when indoor style pyrotechnics is too small and 1.3 high aerial fireworks are to big. If you haven't experienced a low level proximate firework display then your audience will be in for a treat, as they will be from 75 feet - 220 ft away from the Display Perimeter. Everyone claims that our Low Level firework displays are a great experience and most have never been this close to a display. That's our niche in Florida, bringing fireworks close up and making it a personal experience.


Servicing Tampa - Orlando - Naples -Jacksonville

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Fireworks Florida website is a partner of effectpecialist.com and services low level aerial outdoor fireworks Displays, close proximate pyrotechnics displays, Table Sparklers Centerpieces for weddings, wedding fireworks, corporate conventions, sports events and any special events in florida. All services are professionally fired firework displays.

We provide professional fireworks displays very close up and personal with our multi shot battery display that uses large caliber high power 500 gram 1.4 Consumer fireworks and professional 1.4 outdoor proximity fireworks that leaves little debris and mess on property. These are some of the same effects that Disney and Universal Florida uses in their displays.

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Most prefer our low level display over a high aerial display after viewing one of our shows. Watch the video Pasco Fair Sparklebration Display (below) to view a 3600 shell display. You can download this 16 minute full show video demo.


Low-level Fireworks Displays fits that niche when close proximate pyro is too small and the 4 - 6 inch shell large aerial display are to big (space does not permit). No longer do you need a large open field that is far away from the venue for a fireworks display -- you could have a "mini Disney" display launched close to your target audience or a in a sports stadium from an end zone, or even right on the fifty yard line. You can have an awesome fireworks just 75 feet away from you audience on a beach for a wedding or corporate display with the fireworks appearing as if they are overhead. The display is like a wall of fireworks that is closer than you ever have experienced.

We can bring a pyrotechnic display indoors, right inside the arena or stadium or even the local shopping mall, roof top or convention center ballroom.


Want the public to stay until a special event closes? Announce fireworks at closing time! It works for Disney. You can use fireworks to get people to come to an event, and then to stay until it's over.

Proximate pyrotechnics are more than just mini fireworks displays. They are used for special effects in theater and film, for bangs, booms, color, and flashes at rock concerts and sporting events -- they can even be used to spice up a company meeting, a presentation, a store opening, a product announcement, a sporting event -- anytime you want to make an event special.


Proximate pyrotechnics are more than just mini fireworks displays they are full-blown fireworks displays in places you'd never think were possible and fireworks closer that you could image.

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Our special effects and pyrotechnics feature cutting-edge, state of art equipment and exciting technology in every show in Florida.
We are trained specialists, licensed and certified with continuing education in fireworks safety NFPA 1126.2000 NFPA 160 and 1124 codes. Successful completion of a comprehensive written examination covering this standard and state laws pertaining to the use of pyrotechnic special effects.

Professional Displays and Licensed Low Explosives and Propane FX by;
(1) Licensed State of Ohio Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2006
(2) Licensed State of Nevada Pyrotechnics Special Effects Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2001
(3) Licensed State of Colorado Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2001
(4) Licensed State of Texas Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2001
(5 ) Licensed State of Tennessee Proximate Pyrotechnic Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2006
(6) Licensed State of Arkansas Pyrotechnic Shooters Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2001
(7) Licensed State of Missouri Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2001
(8) Licensed State of Florida City of Lakeland, Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2006
(9) Licensed State of Texas Flame Certified (Propane & Gas) Effects Operator Certified NFPA 160.2001
(10) Licensed State of Nevada Certified Propane Effects Operator NFPA 160.2001
(11) Licensed State of Ohio Licensed Certified Flame Effects Operator NFPA 160.2001
(12 )Licensed State of Tennessee Flame Effect Operator Certified NFPA 160.2001
(13) Certificate of Completion OSHA Electrical Safety 29CFR1910.332
(14) Federal license/Permits with The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives;
1-ATFE 34 - User of Low Explosives
2-ATFE 19 - Manufacturer of Binary Explosive

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The most important consideration of the sponsor and the pyrotechnic company should be safety of the public and technicians. The second most important consideration should be the quality of the production. With sufficient lead-time, a good logistical plan, a professional team with the proper equipment, experience, and commitment to safety and quality, the outdoor fireworks display can be a most exciting and moving experience for all those in attendance as well as a valuable addition to your festival or event.

There is a tendency to try and spread a small budget much too far in the mistaken belief that “times equals value”. It is important to realize that there is no direct relationship between cost and duration.

It is very difficult to assess identically priced displays from different sources. Although it is important to compare estimates of proposed material content, showing total numbers and caliber sizes of the fireworks to be used, it is equally important to consider the quality of the fireworks and the expertise and enthusiasm of the operators. Firework displays are best appreciated if the firing is brisk without blank pauses. In our experience, if the display is meant to climax the evening, it should last about 5 to10 minutes. But shows can run 2 to 20 minutes.

The site of the pyrotechnic display is one of the most important determining factors of what type of display is possible and the scope of the show. The area in which the fireworks are launched must be clear of people, buildings trees and automobiles. In the event that area is limited, there are a variety of options that can be discussed with the pyrotechnic company to design a fireworks show to fit those limitations.

It is important to choose a fireworks company who has experience with multiple types of shows and venues. Fireworks are fired from beaches, docks, rooftops, stadiums, racetracks and barges, in front of or behind stages with performers present, as a backdrop to entertainment or a reveal for the entertainer.

We are the best FX company in Florida providing you with customized and quality services. Let us provide your a WOW FACTOR at your event! Don't settle for low price shows, you get what you pay for. Our shows start at 4000.00 for a 900 shell display. That right we charge by the shell so you can compare. We price shows by the number of shells of the top quality fireworks used. We pay all fire marshal fees.

Fireworks Florida is effectspecialist.com


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Do not attempt to recreate any FX effects seen on this site. We are professional and only experienced and legally approved over 21 can provide these services. Attempting to use propane with our the safety devices that are built in to our gear as well as firing pyrotechnics devices without training is dangerous. C02 can be very dangerous if your not a Certified effect specialist.

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