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Q: Why a 1.4 Low- Level display?

Low Level Firework fit that niche when indoor pyrotechnics is too small and 1.3 high aerial is too big. If you haven't experienced a low level proximate fireworks display then your audience will be in for a treat, as they will be only 75 feet away from the Display Perimeter. We do not supply a 1.3 high aerial display many other companies offer those displays. We specialize in large caliber 1.4 Consumer fireworks and professional 1.4 outdoor close proximity fireworks. The precision of our fireworks makes it possible to have a display in places you never thought possible. Our results are amazing!!!

Q: How much does a display cost?

A: Many people ask, how much does it cost for a big show? This question is not the easiest to answer. A three thousand dollar show might be a big show to some people as where a twenty thousand dollar show might just be a start for others. Our smallest display packages on *private property start at $3800.00 if in Tampa - Orlando area. This inclusive price covers all the cost fireworks technicians display insurance coverage of one million dollars. Our packaged displays are guidelines to the best time frame with the best number of shells.
*The Code for Fireworks Display in Florida shall not govern the display of any fireworks on private, residential property and shall not govern the display.


We provide many types of outdoor fireworks displays ranging from $3800.00 for a simple display to over $10,000.00 for large-scale extravaganzas. However, whatever your event budget, each fireworks display is custom designed, insured for $1,000,000.00 performed by a licensed pyrotechnician, and a permit is obtained. In the past 3 years our costs doubled and the past year 2008 - 2009 costs to put on a display increased by 18 percent. We have seen the raising costs in material, fireworks themself, insurance, permits and fire watch, often doubling. Over 50 percent of our customers are having budget concerns. About 20 percent actually reduced their show or putting off the fireworks until next year. Only 30 % of our clients booked displays as they did in past years.

We are a full time special effects company that has weathered the recession of the 90's and the 2001 9/11 economic slow down. Often the lowest price displays are not a industry professional but a part time (has another job/career) weekend warrior fireworks company without the experience and knowledge base to keep you safe. Our current prices are not reflecting the price increases as stated above as we in the past 4 years our prices has only increased our cost to our clients by 8%. We hope that our service, professionalism and dedication in offering the best firework products, the best service and safest displays for the dollar and will continue for many years to come.

Q: How can I decide what to do for my show ?
Most people usually have an idea, but if you just want to know what’s possible you should call, fax, or email us. We have 20 years of experience in special effects in theater production and the entertainment industry.

Call us and our friendly and knowable FX experts will help you now @ 813.689.6269 Tampa Florida

Q: How can I decide what to do for my show?
Most people usually have an idea, but if you just want to know what’s possible you should call, fax, or email us. We have 20 years of experience in special effects theater, production, entertainment industry.

Call us - our friendly and knowable FX experts will help you @ 813.689.6269 Tampa Florida

Q: How long will my display last and what would it include?

A: We do not sell time, we sell how many shells in the air at one time. There are so many variances in the different types of materials that can be used, it is better not to sell time. Most smaller budget displays run 7 -9minutes in length averaging $5000.00. A $10,000.00 run in the 20-25minute range. Once we have looked at the site, we will give you some ideas about the content of the show. We can use goggle earth at first to get an idea what the site looks like. Your display will include an Variety of over 45 + different effects.


A: One important pitfall to avoid is the inclination to gauge the quality of a fireworks proposal by the amount of shells proposed. The reason this is dangerous is that if the proposal is based upon how many shells are represented rather than the quality of the products, more often that not you will end up with the cheapest and least reliable products available. This can jeopardize the integrity of the presentation and even be dangerous to the crew and the audience. Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices. We use only the best world class fireworks products. Our shells are the best fireworks that we have tested and approved.
Many shows have been considered the “best of the best” when utilizing medium or small sized effects by creating an artistically choreographed presentation that emphasizes their unique qualities in a beautiful design.

Q: What about permits?

A: Fireworks Florida will handle all details for your fireworks display. Most permits must be applied for 15 days prior to your event date. We supply all necessary permits. Most Venues will require additional insurance policies. We provide the insurance coverage certificates to all parties involved. This is an easy process.

Q: What about permission from the place we are having the reception?

A: You need the permission of the property owner or venue management. Many people are intimidated when asked if you can shoot a display on their property. Chances are no one has ever asked them this question before or they have a designated arena. One of their biggest concerns are they think they will be held liable if something happened. This is not the case. They will want to see our licenses, insurance and the firework permit once issued.
We will assure them that we are professional pyro technicians with a perfect safety record and that we provide a one million dollar display insurance certificate with their name as the insured party. If you ask them and they say no, you can have us contact the place and talk to them and answer any questions they may have. Most of the time we can come to a compromise with them and have a display. Or if you wish we can contact them first. We have fired 100 feet from a 100,000.00 golf green at a prestigious golf course and 200 feet from a 15 million dollar mansions well as a see through event tent structures.

Q: How do we get started ?

A: To reserve a display date we require a 50% down payment (availability is based on a first come first serve basis.) We will send you a contract, please sign the contract and send it back with your down payment. After receiving the down payment we will in a timely fashion look at the site and obtain any necessary permits. If for some reason a permit cannot be obtained or the area is not safe, we will refund your down payment in full.
It is very difficult to assess identically priced displays from different sources. Although it is important to compare estimates of proposed material content, showing total numbers and caliber sizes of the fireworks to be used, it is equally important to consider the quality of the fireworks and the expertise and enthusiasm of the operators/technicians.


Fireworks are rapidly gaining popularity as a main source of entertainment for a variety of events, One of the fastest growing segments of the fireworks industry during the past two years has been a 1000% increase in the use of fireworks at wedding receptions.
1.4 500 Gram High Power Repeater Cakes in 2004 is equal to what 1.3 repeater cakes were just five years earlier.

A lot of big named display companies contract out their work to the lowest bidder and then put there big famous name on it, and the price tag on that name. This is how they can shoot hundreds of shows a season and do many events in the same weekend. At Fireworks Florida we shoot all of our shows ourselves, we are full time professional pyro technicians and we place the utmost care and quality in our shows. This is how we can guarantee you a great show every time and we do not feel it is safe practice to send people we don’t even know to a display. This also gives you a better show because we do not have to pay the middle man. We avoid another middle man by buying our fireworks direct, not through a distributor giving you the best valve for your money.
In 1999 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 8,500 fireworks-related emergency-room visits—about two-thirds of these in July. And there's no tally of the countless blistered hands, traumatized pets, singed shrubs, and melted G.I. Joe dolls. Experts recommend leaving the fireworks spectacle to the professionals and limiting your flame-tending interests to the barbecue.
As part of every Fireworks & Pyrotechnics displays, we are trained certified licensed pyro technicians, A+ insurance naming you and the venue as additional insured.

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