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Fireworks Florida pyrotechnic displays are close up and personal to the audience view with the target audience 75 feet away. The precision of our fireworks makes it possible so you can have a display in a space as small as a decent sized backyard.

We have all the same type of fireworks and pyrotechnics as the big aerial displays and without the mess and dangers of low breaks. The package's will have a Variety of over 25 different firework effect types, visible from ground level to a height of 200 feet high, breaking up to 50 -100 + foot wide 5- 7 - 9- 15 effects in the air at all times.

Our displays incorporate multi-shot repeaters, consumer firework products that include reloadable shells, 500 gram aerial repeaters, finale cakes, roman candles, American made single and multi shot aerial tubes and racks. The Multishot battery firework displays are awesome with our large caliber 1.4 fireworks and professional 1.4 outdoor proximity fireworks that leaves little debris and mess on property. We provide Huge results.

Now with 2” & 3" High Powered pyro 1.4 Shells; 350 ft high, 200 foot spread for a REALY BIG SHOW FINALE!!

Fireworks Florida Multishot battery pyrotechnic display is something magical because it's so close and more like a wall of fireworks from the ground up. We can safely shoot closer up to the target audience than ever allow in the past for a real personal and unforgettable display.

A sample of some of the fireworks effects we shoot are; Chrysanthemum, Peony, Roundel,Palm, Gold willow with golden tail, Multi-colored comets, stars, Popcorn,reports, flashes, crackling flowers multi-colored bouquets, stars, flying fish, loud report, crackling palms/flowers & whistles, single and double break shells, Tri Breaks shells, Cracking Stars, Crossettes, Peonies, Color Changing Breaks, Flitter, Palm Tree, Multi color Bouquets, Red White Blue w/Report, Flying Fish, Spinners, Z- Fans, Quickened Final Shots, Fusillading Shots, silver wave, crossettes, scrambling comets.

Combinations of effects;Color Pearls Crackling Tail to Blue & Crackling Stars, Crackling Tail to Gold Bouquet, Crackling Tail to Blue Bouquet, green glittering, then gold &silver fish w/crackles, and crackling palm &crackles, red & green & yellow falling leaves w/blue pearls. gold brocade crown shells w/gold tail multi-blooming crackle, 3/4"artillery shells filled with willow, crackle, glitters, gold rain red palm, gold tailed mines to blue pearl shells, blue/red/green in bouquets/spinners/whistling & crackling, shots gold waterfall red peony w/green palm pisti, gold peony w/silver pistil, green peony w/red palm pistil & yellow peony w/green pisti, and crackling flower, alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet w/crackling Tail & blue bouquets w/crackling tail, silver flashing tail, red tail to spider crossette, blue tail to blue spider crossettes, silver wave gold and silver wave with crackling tails silver, more..........

A fireworks display viewing guide

SERPENTINE Lots of small, random trails of fireworks

PISTIL Like the chrysanthemum but with a different color on the inside

PALM Firework charges travel up and out, and then explode like a palm tree

ROUND SHELL Explodes in spherical shape

RING SHELL Symmetrical ring of stars

WILLOW falling trails of sparks that stays visible until they almost hit the ground

CHRYSANTHEMUM Popular pattern that leaves long trailers in the sky

ROUNDEL Circle of stars that burst one after the other .

PALM TREE a comet shell that burns with a thick tail of sparks on the way up, then breaks several spreading "branches" of sparks.

PEONY loosely symmetrical break of stars without trails that fly outward and then begin to droop downward

FISH a type of aerial effect that looks like a swarm of glowing objects flying around randomly

PEARL single color star, launched from the ground

BROCADE a spider-like shell burst pattern. Generally has silver tail effect, and is brighter than willow or tiger tail-style bursts.

DAHLIA a burst pattern similar to a peony, but with larger and fewer stars.

What do I need to have a Firework Displays?
You need the permission of the property owner or venue management.
You will to decide where our firing area will be placed and make sure we have a buffer zone or barrier from the firing zone to the audience. This is called the table of distance and it should be from 75 – 125 feet.
This min clearance safety buffer zone or fallout zone of 75 feet is from people, buildings, roads, rail road, cars, and boats and is 360%. We need an area like a beach, open field, parking lot, dock or any flat open surface.

Once you determine the firing zone and have the clearance we need to make a survey drawing for the permitting.

Fireworks Florida is based out of Tampa - Brandon Florida

Among other cities we serve - State FL:
Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Pensacola, Saint Petersburg,
West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Gainesville, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Naples,
Boca Raton, Daytona Beach, Hollywood, Ocala, Bradenton, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Fort Pierce, Panama City, Hialeah, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Homestead, Kissimmee, Lake Worth, Brooksville, New Pory Richey and Northern Florida.

As part of every Fireworks & Pyrotechnics displays, we provided trained licensed pyrotechnicians, insurance naming you and the venue as additional insured.

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